Karl was a special-needs dog; he was deaf, trained with American Sign Language he understood over 90 signs. Karl overcame his disability and enjoyed his life as a therapy dog; he brought love and happiness to seniors, children, children with special needs, and everyone he came in contact with. Karl was well suited for the court room as he provided loving support without ever worrying about loud noises, and during long session he quietly took a nap. Karl’s workload increased over the years to provide services to the children with humane education as well as after school activities. Karl was an ambassador, an inspiration as well as an educator for people who shied away from dogs with special needs. Karl didn’t know that he was a special needs dog, and he taught us more then we could have ever hoped to teach him.  Whenever outside, he would always look around, smell the flowers, and check out the birds.  He reminded us to slow down, smell the flowers and take in the beauty of the day.  Karl passed away in 2020.

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