Josie is an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix who was rescued in May 2008.  She was tested and registered as a Therapy Dog later that summer, and has been a therapy dog ever since.  She and her owner have logged over 2,000 hours together as a team, and Josie was “Therapy Dog of the Year” in 2011.  She has a sweet, calm disposition, and her personality is adorable because she knows just the right look and mannerisms to use when she’s making visits with either children or the elderly.  But when she gets back home, she puts on her “at home” face, and it’s the cutest transformation.  She runs to her sister (black Lab) and out the door they go, chasing each other and whatever else is out in the yard.  Josie looks forward to her work with Companions for Courage in the 18th Judicial Circuit.

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