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What started with a passion to find a “purpose” in life and a desire to help those who cannot help themselves has grown Companions for Courage.

I knew from the day my husband found Woolf, a husky and white shepherd mix, that this was a special dog and that I just needed to seek out what his purpose was. Woolf helped me with my own special need of anxiety and I quickly discovered that he helped others with their special need too.

Back in the beginning, Woolf visited nursing homes and assisted living facilities. I often watched as people's interactions with Woolf triggered their own fond memories of days gone by with their pets, and a sense of comfort to whatever may be ailing them in the present - whether it was illness or simply loneliness.

Soon I learned that Woolf’s true love is children. He has been a participant in local schools assisting children with literacy as well as working with The Children’s Advocacy of Lake and Sumter County.

From Woolf’s association with Children’s Advocacy, he began working with the Prosecuting Attorney’s Office of Lake County assisting child victims with testifying in court as well as depositions.

Recognizing this unique need within the court system, I founded Companions for Courage.

Companions for Courage is about the victim and the dog. It's a bond, and a sense of security that the animal brings to the individual. It has been very gratifying to see the support that we have gained to date from attorneys and victims we have assisted. Additionally, we have been fortunate in establishing a Board of Directors with vision, experience and compassion for the services we will provide.

Woolf, and his select group of canine friends and their handlers, has made the vision of Companions for Courage a reality. We stand committed to always offer this service to those in need free of charge.

Thank you-

Missy Ziler