Retired in 2018

Bosco, a Parti Colored Standard Poodle (chocolate & white), was born on May 6, 2009.  As a puppy, he was socialized with patients, therapists and the staff at a Nursing Home his handler worked in at that time.  As he got older, it was obvious how sweet, gentle and calm he was and how he made people smile, so he was tested to become a Therapy Dog and soon joined Space Coast Therapy Dogs & Alliance of Therapy Dogs.  Since that time, Bosco has visited Nursing Homes, Hospice Centers, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Memory Centers and has participated in local events & speaking engagements.  He loves everyone and patients especially like him since he’s the right size to reach out and pet.  Now Bosco is a Courtroom Therapy Dog and will be working in the 18th Judicial Circuit Courts.

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