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Tilley is short for Matilda, which means “mighty in battle”, and that name fits because when she was just a puppy, she was abandoned and became very sick. But she was rescued by heroes and now has become one herself. She wants to share what she’s learned by being by your side. Let’s be brave […]

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2020 Sophia was a sweet and gentle Boxer who was rescued in 2015.  She was a Therapy Dog since that time and loved her job visiting both seniors and children.  Given the opportunity, she would step up in your lap and lean in for a hug.  Sophia lived with three other Therapy Dogs, a Therapy

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November 2003- September 2014  Otto was one of the founding members of Companions for Courage and was the founder of the humane education program with South Lake Animal League and PAWS Therapy Dogs.  He was a happy white boxer boy with beautiful blue eyes and always wore a silly hat and a big smile (yes

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2005 to 2018 Born in December 2005, Newman was a rescued Boxer with a great sense of humor, (yes, dogs have funny bones). Newman had his first therapy visit as a three month old puppy and brought smiles to children and adults for the rest of his life. Newman was one of the founding members

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February 2010 – May 2017 Memphis, a black Labrador Retriever mix, was a gentle soul and a quintessential member of Companions for Courage. His quiet, loving manner made him the perfect Companion.  He enjoyed his Therapy Dog work visiting seniors and getting lots of attention, and always loved to lay his head in your lap. 

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Major was a German Shepard who was a Therapy Dog since he was a year old. He enjoyed visiting and supporting children and seniors.  Major loved to have his chest scratched and gave kisses every time, but his most favorite thing of all was to play B-A-L-L.  Sadly, Major passed away in November, 2021 –

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Kenai is a rescued American Akita who went through some tough times as a young dog – but he persevered and is now a big gentle soul who loves everyone. He especially loves anyone who will give him belly rubs.

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2010-2020 Karl was a special-needs dog; he was deaf, trained with American Sign Language he understood over 90 signs. Karl overcame his disability and enjoyed his life as a therapy dog; he brought love and happiness to seniors, children, children with special needs, and everyone he came in contact with. Karl was well suited for

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Josie is an Australian Shepherd/Lab mix who was rescued in May 2008.  She was tested and registered as a Therapy Dog later that summer, and has been a therapy dog ever since.  She and her owner have logged over 2,000 hours together as a team, and Josie was “Therapy Dog of the Year” in 2011. 

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2008-2020 Born in November 2009, Jake is a Yellow Labrador Retriever who loves swimming, playing catch and being a Therapy Dog. As a Therapy Dog, Jake enjoys meeting new people, but especially loves to visit the kids at Camp Boggy Creek. He is still a playful pup, but when he puts on his vest, he

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