Our Companions

Meet our Companions

Companions for Courage dogs have been evaluated and labeled as being “bomb proof”: they do not react to loud noises, sudden movement, or other distractions. Their focus is to be a Companion, or best friend for their child, and nothing else. Companions for Courage is the approved Therapy Dog Provider for the 5th Judicial Circuit and Ninth Judicial Circuit Courts of Florida.

The Companions for Courage Dogs are there for virtually any child in need – whether it be in a hospital room, a counseling center, or even a shelter, our teams are ready to visit. We even make special visits to schools and children’s events.

Our Handlers are professionals who have been working with their Therapy Dogs for at least 2 years prior to becoming Companion for Courage members. Their dogs have been exposed to nursing homes, hospitals, elementary school children, disabled children and adults, excessive crowds, and more. Our handlers are required to complete a background check and a fingerprint check before being accepted into Companions for Courage. Companion dogs are also required to be deemed healthy by a veterinarian and be up to date on their rabies vaccination. All of our dogs carry a minimum of $2 million in liability insurance.

All In Memory
November 2003- September 2014  Otto was one of the founding members of Companions for Courage and was the founder of…
February 2010 – May 2017  Memphis, a black Labrador Retriever mix, was a gentle soul and a quintessential member of…